Configuration files for lava-dispatcher

Configuration files for lava-dispatcherΒΆ


This chapter discusses a model of configuration which is being superceded by the pipeline model.

lava-dispatcher looks for files in:

  • Alongside the installation/source tree for the default values (i.e. this directory).
  • /etc/lava-dispatcher

Each config directory can contain two files and two directories:

  • lava-dispatcher.conf

    This file defines global settings of the dispatcher. You will almost certainly need to customize LAVA_SERVER_IP and LAVA_PROXY for your install. LAVA_PROXY could be empty if no proxy server available.

  • device-defaults.conf

    This file defines default values for all devices. You probably won’t need to customize it.

  • device-types/

    This directory contains a config file for each device type. You probably won’t need to customize the settings for device types that are already supported by lava-dispatcher, but if you are working on supporting a new class of device, you will need to add a file here.

  • devices/

    This directory contains a file per DUT that can be targeted by lava-dispatcher. For the most part this file just needs to contain a line “device_type = <device type>”, although other settings can be included here. You will definitely need to tell lava-dispatcher about the devices you have!