This chapter discusses a model which is being superceded by the pipeline model.

What is a Filter?

You can use filters in LAVA to combine test results from multiple bundle streams in a single view and provides ability to apply attribute filtering as well include/exclude particular tests or test cases.

Filters can be public or private. Public filters are accessible by all authenticated and anonymous users, while private ones are only accessible by the users which created it.

How to create a Filter?


Select a list of bundle streams you would like to be included in your filter and add attribute labels and values by which you would like to filter out your test results.

You can set build number attribute as well at this stage, which will sort your test runs based on a specified field.

After setting up everything you will see a preview page where you can check if the data your new filter correlates to your need, and you can continue editing or save the filter.

Deleting a Filter

Filters are a crucial part of Image Reports (including 2.0).

Keep in mind that deleting a filter will also remove all of the images used in Image Reports.

Regarding Image Reports 2.0 it will remove all image chart filters (Adding filters to Image report charts) that use this filter.


Subscribing to a filter will cause LAVA to send an email to you whenever certain conditions are satisfied.

You can choose your own level of subscription:
  • whenever a test that matches the criteria of filter is executed
  • only when a test that matches the criteria of filter fails

Image Reports

Image reports allow you to view test run pass/fail results or test result measurements over time. Only site superusers are allowed to manipulate over image reports.

Image Report options

You can change the options (filters section) in the image reports page like start/end build numbers, tests, target goal and graph type. Those changes are saved so every time you come to the same image report, you will have options from your last visit selected.

Start/end build number will limit the build numbers on the graph and the table below as well.

With tests option can include/exclude particular tests from this image report as well as in the table on the bottom.

If you set the target goal value a dotted vertical line will be displayed in the report chart.

Graph type can have three different options:
  • pass/fail displays number of passed test cases in each test run on the report
  • percentage displays percentage of passed test cases in each test run
  • measurement graph type will display the first test case measurement from each test run

Image Report table

Image report table includes pass/fail numbers for all the test runs.

From here you can go to the particular test run by clicking the cell link and you can also link a bug from a launchpad to the test run.