Test definitions in version control

LAVA supports git and bzr version control for use with test definitions, and this is the recommended way to host and use test definitions for LAVA. When a repository is listed in a test definition, the entire repository is checked out. This allows YAML files in the repository to reliably access scripts and other files which are part of the repository, inside the test image.

- test:
   - server
   - client
   - repository: http://git.linaro.org/lava-team/lava-functional-tests.git
     from: git
     path: lava-test-shell/multi-node/multinode02.yaml
     name: multinode-intermediate

When this test starts, the entire repository will be available in the current working directory of the test. Therefore, multinode/multinode02.yaml can include instructions to execute multinode/get_ip.sh.

Job definitions in version control

It is normally recommended to also store your test job YAML files in the repository. This helps others who may want to use your test definitions.:


There are numerous test repositories in use daily in Linaro that may be good examples for you, including:

Using specific revisions of a test definition

If a specific revision is specified as a parameter in the job submission YAML, that revision of the repository will be used instead of HEAD.

- test:
   failure_retry: 3
     minutes: 10
   name: kvm-basic-singlenode
       - repository: git://git.linaro.org/qa/test-definitions.git
         from: git
         path: ubuntu/smoke-tests-basic.yaml
         name: smoke-tests
       - repository: http://git.linaro.org/lava-team/lava-functional-tests.git
         from: git
         path: lava-test-shell/single-node/singlenode03.yaml
         name: singlenode-advanced
         revision: 441b61

Sharing the contents of test definitions

A YAML test definition file can clone another repository by specifying the address of the repository to clone

        - lp:lava-test
        - git://git.linaro.org/people/davelong/lt_ti_lava.git

        - cd lt_ti_lava
        - echo "now in the git cloned directory"

This allows a collection of LAVA test definitions to re-use other YAML custom scripts without duplication. The tests inside the other repository will not be executed.

Adding test definition dependencies

If your test depends on other tests to be executed before you run the current test, add an explicit dependency in the test definition YAML:

  - git-repo: git://git.linaro.org/qa/test-definitions.git
    testdef: common/passfail.yaml
  - bzr-repo: lp:~stylesen/lava-dispatcher/sampletestdefs-bzr
    testdef: testdef.yaml
  - url: https://people.linaro.org/~senthil.kumaran/deps_sample.yaml

The test cases specified within test-case-deps section will be fetched from the given repositories or url and then executed in the same specified order.

Test repository for functional tests in LAVA

LAVA regularly runs a set of test definitions to check for regressions and the set is available for others to use as a template for their own tests:

* https://git.linaro.org/lava-team/lava-functional-tests.git